Oh yes, removing the old hot water heater and the oil tank that went with it. Not me, the guys downstairs. After the hot water heater was out, I went blithely down the cellar stairs from outside. THEY COLLAPSED UNDERNEATH ME. . Seriously. I was on the middle step when suddenly my feet were no longer on terra firma. I was held up in the air by my arms, legs whirring beneath me like Wile E Coyote when he goes off a cliff. I lowered myself down. Walked around the corner and said, "Ok guys you're trapped in here.We just lost the stairs." They looked at me like, "What kind of trip is this woman on?" I said,  "What do we do next? Seriously, the stairs are gone. " They just looked at me dumbfounded. Well, duh, it's MY house.  I told them I'd be back in a minute...

Helpful to have a bro that owns a building company to call.(I'm sure he hates it.) ring ring, "Hey it's your sister, my basement stairs just collapsed. "Get out ! You're shittin me!" he said. "No , I was just pedalling air like Wile E Coyote."  Hahahaha! 

He told me to give them a ladder. Again, duh.

Back downstairs to the basement (the inside steps are okay). "My brother said to give you a ladder. But you probably have one..."

At the end of the day we laughed,  the guys and I, about the steps collapsing. The men climbed up the ladder to leave. The last guy out reached down to claim the ladder. I picked it up with one arm and handed it out up through the doorway . He just looked at me dumbfounded once more and said thank you. Bye guys!

Men, I know how to work with them. Personal relationships are another story. 


beep! beep!