Good morning. I'm fresh from a sleep study.  All experiences give us new perspective.


The tech  at the Sleep Center was a very interesting person. We had a lot of socially, meaningful conversation while she wired me for sleep. Politics, democrats in particular. Civil rights, constitutional freedom, protesting.  Very interesting. 

While I was waiting for the her to be finished with her first client I  had  read a magazine from home called Cloth Paper • Scissors. Isssue 16 Jan/Feb 2008  detailed an artist, Judy Wilkenfeld,* who is telling about Jewish history and other personal histories with her multi media art Visual Anthologies™. She creates personalized, historical, art  books for people. Many of them for Holocaust survivors  She talked about searching out a book on nazism for a piece about her father who was also a Holocaust survivor. While she was searching through books in a pile in a shop, a book with a swastika fell off onto her foot. It's the book she used to complete her project. 

Things like that happen to me too. I realized that I must  not be alone in these serendipitous, so called accidents or coincidences, gifts from the universe.

My most recent one was while searching through the book shed at our recycling center. I found a book on HTML. I took it thinking I would probably cut it up for collage material. I was so surprised to find after looking at it more closely, that it had been written by a local author and all the illustrations for example models were relative  to where I am geographically. I could have used this book four years ago but it's not outdated and maybe I need it more than ever now. Things have a way of coming just at the right time. If you believe, I believe it will happen for you too.

One of the last things the tech and I spoke about last night was that she understood that communism in Russia was overthrown and racial rights began being granted when citizens believed and expected it to happen and lived as if reform was already in place. Even when they thought they were losing and that they were the only ones who held the belief...

Food for thought.

Have a great Saturday!

love, josie

* Link to Judy Wilkenfield's blog

Judy Wilkenfeld/ Artist Profile /by Cate Coulacos Prato / Cloth Paper Scissors/ Jan /Feb Issue/ #16

 If you get a chance to read the article. Please do . I've paraphrased it. It's much more involved than I've told here. Her journey to becoming an artist with a collaborator was serendipitous too.