Even if you think this way, never say it. Not this way anyway:

My interests and passions are numerous and varied and they include dining, music, dancing, (great dancer too as I can't sit still to the beat of a song and can sing like hell in the shower). I'm an artist in oils. I'm also an excellent cook and can make the best shrimp scampi you ever had. Other interest include clothes and fashion, antiques, golf (I must be good because I always get the highest score), reading, shopping, sports, travel and last but not least is my passion for the ocean where you can find me on my boat fishing or cruising into a shimmering ocean sunset or just sitting dockside sipping a glass of Chianti Classico...Perhaps with you... Some of my favorite movies include: "The Perfect Storm"..."A Civil Action"... and an old classic, "Old Man Of The Sea" with Spencer Tracy. Favorite actors include Al Paccino, John Travolta, Robert DiNero and Raquel Welch. I know...she may not be the best actress in Hollywood but who cares - she has great legs! I'm very intelligent and have a quick-witted sense of humor and can even make myself laugh into tears. Friends and associates have described me as classy with a sense of style. I'm also a very confident person who is considerate, sensitive, loyal, passionate, caring, generous, playful and very affectionate as well as a romantic who knows how to treat a lady. I'm not afraid of expressing my feelings and can make the right woman feel very special. I like to feel, taste and touch what life has to offer and if an idea excites me...I'll want to learn more about it...do it...and then master it. I make mental photographic images of the moment at hand. I see, smell and hear savored moments before they pass. There are limits 'tho such as vertical rock climbing, etc. In fairness, If you find an interest PLEASE INCLUDE A PHOTO with your profile or be prepared to email one.

I'm looking for a best friend, lover, confidant and playmate. She should be intelligent, friendly, compassionate, warm, affectionate, unguarded, and unafraid to show and express her inner feelings. She should laugh freely and know how to give of herself. She is elegant, charming and sophisticated out on the town and she can be as comfortable hauling an anchor with sea spray in her face. She is loyal and knows the art of compromise and forgiveness in a relationship. She knows that building a growing loving relationship takes commitment, dedication and patience. She will know that of all these things...She will receive all the same from me in abundance.

  I didn't date him. I might like vertical rock climbing.


Have a great weekend!  love, josie