Wow! You look beautiful! but 6000 hits! and you haven't hooked up with any body. The guys on this service must be pretty bad or you must be awful particular. I've never done a dating service before so I don't know what the parameters are. Anyway, it sounds like we have a lot in common.I especially like the rain on the tin roof thing.I have a place in the Adirondacks in NY which is all tin roof. I'm 5 10.180,br hair ,br eyes- easy going. No kids at home, one in San Fran-beautiful city! I like most things,skiing.snow and water, swimming, boating(I have a boat), fishing golf , dancing, dining out, especially near the water, fireplaces,driving,etc.( Oh I live outside of Albany, NY so you're only about 45 minutes away) I have my own home,car, boat,gas ,and oil.( I'm sorry the last part part was part of an old funny happening) Well, I hope to hear from you. Take Care,Pal



As my Dad used to say... "Don't take any wooden nickels!" Happy Wednesday- "keep on pluggin".

oxo josie