What you see is not always what you get. Before I committed myself to blogging and one individual, I participated in dating for a time on Match.com.  My friend Diogenes, who's a lawyer, was also participating in the internet dating scene simultaneously. We conversed and concluded that letters were a gift.   

I went on to make a concept blog called Matchsticks.com© from the letters I received. Below are some excerpts from that blog. The names have been changed. My profile got many, many views with no likely prospects. It was a fun and enlightening experience. I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to contact me. I hope you all eventually went on to find true love.



Think blonde and retro. June Cleaver with a twist. Smart in a worldly way, intuitive and artistic. Believe that you are valuable enough to be loved. Loved intensely whether you are near or far. Let's create a bond that transcends space and time. You must be free and secure enough to be loved not only by your perfect match but sure that you truly have earned the entitlement to be loved . Know you are valuable without question



So...you're looking for Ward? Well, many people tell me that I belong in a ward. Do you believe in karma too?..What did the Buddhist say to the hot dog vendor?..Answer: "Make me one with all". I'm not too sure how ethnic I am, but you do look like the all-american girl. By the way, this new match.com software for email wont allow me to move my cursor and therefore, can't make paragraphs. Do you have this problem as well? CJ I like action and some romance. I am a meat and potatoe man. As far as music goes, I like just about everything except opera WHY YOU SHOULD GET TO KNOW ME Because… I’m ethnic. On father's side there were English kings whose progeny fell from grace, escaped under the Mayflower to the new world and later (after God had punished them for their transgressions by inflicting a particularly difficult winter on New England) called for the renewal of witch trials in Salem. Later still, now fully under Satan's spell, they encouraged the development of Dewey's liberal views. Today the pendulum has swung back, though lower; and the current elder generation believes that GWB is not his father's son, but that of a higher power; and because of this the elder's children know not what to believe, except perhaps in the resurrection of the Crown, or vegetarianism. I’m confident. But my confidence does not come from my virtues, but from knowing that I can skate back into the game when I get thrown into the penalty box, or pick myself up off the floor when I fall on my face. I’ll take you to a movie. Some favorite films include recent b/w selections at Film Forum, The Third Man, Casablanca, Duck Soup, Secret Agent (Conrad), Manhattan, Bon Voyage, Wings of Desire, Burnt by the Sun, Siberade. Front row favorites include Hitchcock, Mikhalkov, Woody Allen. I saw Troy and thought it was actually not bad, given the daunting task of representing the Iliad on film. But I wouldn't want to be the herald who tells Clytemnestra... I’ll leave my clichés at home. Political, religious and otherwise. But here’s what I think: I am a liberal in the sense that I like living in a society in which different kinds of people, ideas and cultures can flourish more or less side by side. I am a conservative in the sense that I want to preserve (conserve) that tradition. I liked Ted Koppel's recent defense of the press' showing pictures of flag-draped coffins containing our dead soldiers returning from Iraq. It is dignified and sacred, he said, in the same sense that showing the photo of the dead fireman, draped with the flag, being carried out of ground zero is dignified and right. Unless you show that picture for political profit. In that case, he said, it is wrong. Flash to the recent Bush commercial with the photo of the dead fireman, covered by the flag, and then Bush appearing on-stage in the ad. “I'm George Bush.” Fade out. Wow. Generally speaking, I tend to use humor to cover what has become in the latest few years a nearly uncontrollable sense of outrage at what we have all witnessed in all sorts of contexts, here, in DC and elsewhere. True expression would probably get me a visit by the thought police. I promise I won't give them your name. Because because because because because... Worst Line? Well, the first line that occurs to me is pure yulch from a Bogart film called 'Knock On Any Door: “Live fast, die young and leave a pretty corpse.” But there is also Hemingway's poetical economy, which is well-known, my favorite example being the little passage from “In Our Time” that both Guinness and Ripley cite: “As the shadow of the kingfisher moved up the stream, a big trout shot upstream in a long angle, only his shadow marking the angle, then lost his shadow as he came through the surface of the water, caught the sun, and then, as he went back into the stream under the surface, his shadow seemed to float down the stream under the current, unresisting, to his post under the bridge where he tightened facing up into the current.” Or Treasury Secretary John Snow's comment that the government no longer measures the currency's strength by its market value, focusing instead on such traits as public confidence. As a novice, of course, I'm not sure what the difference is between market strength and public confidence, though I'm sure it must be substantial. Oh, did you say ‘lie?’ Never mind. .