I try not to judge people by their physical appearance. I don't think in terms of penises and vaginas.

We're all vessels with biological urges we are supposed to be civilized enough to control. Advanced enough for social intercourse without presuming everyone's a potential sex partner.

I have had the benefit of studying and participating in life drawing. In my class we had a female and male nude model. It was actually illegal for them to pose simultaneously in our state at that time. Because they were a couple who lived together and because my instructor was advanced enough to know about form and not just function, he allowed them to do dual poses. This was a tremendously enriching and freeing experience.



We're all vessels. Some with better form than function and some vice versa. How do you want to be treated?


Going back to the studio today to do some work that's more hands on and subjective. Have a great Monday everyone.

P.S. I did watch the Democratic Presidential debates from New Hampshire this weekend : I wish they could combine all four candidates into a board or one person somehow. They treated one another with dignity and respect. That's all for now.

love, josie