You have encountered my zero tolerance policy for objectification of women. Reading from The Prophet- Kahlil Gibran by Flikdup  

It means that you are not filtering your stream enough for inclusion on my homepage screen. I have tried to employ the benefit of the doubt. I have seen one crotch shot too many. I am not interested in seeing the anatomical details of sexual organs unless they are telling me a greater story than a goes into b. You've got to include the rest of the alphabet and I know you're capable from the other work in your stream that encouraged me to make you my contact in the first place. 

Please people. Let's think in terms of Vonnegut and Vargas in Playboy and not Chester the Molester in Hustler.  


I began reading Playboy in the late '60's The Prophet in the early '70's...about the same time men began communicating with me while making eye contact with my chest. I responded accordingly by addressing their crotches.  Tellin' it like it is. Tit for tat. It's not whether we win or lose it's how we play the game. Remember everybody? Ta ta! oxo josie