Riding around in frigid temps this morning the song Broken English came to mind. The pics will follow later. I was thinking of iper, the net, and language barriers and frigid temps and homeless people sleeping on loading docks. the present jumbled with the past. a past that hasn't ended.  So many thoughts on so many levels... going round and round. It was so cold this morning my car complained about starting. bitter bitter cold... finger numbing even with gloves on. thinking about journalistic responsibility and artistic statement and whether it was possible to practice civil disobedience in the virtual realm Then I came home and found this vid... A montage of modern masters and Marianne Faithful created by flikdup

Marianne Faithful- Broken English


The sensible, scholarly writers among you- as well as other's, may say, "So what? You've made no conclusion here." You're absolutely correct. My job is to keep the ideas flowing. I don't have the answers. We all need to keep talking. love, josie

p.s. If that doesn't wear you out we can investigate racial injustice in the US next. listen to this one while youre dusting off your rebel wear and think on more than one level.


Maestro Fresh Wes- Conductin' Thangs


oxo josie

Stick To Your Vision- Maestro Fresh Wes Track only no vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZ1msMpZUNU&feature=related