Peg- Steely Dan

I owned this on cassette (yep, I said cassette)- never bothered to read the title of this song. In my mind they were always saying hey not Peg. Peg meant nothing to me. Go on change the words to a song you like to suit yourself. It always makes me feel better when I do. There's a slight exception here.I can't think about the Dan without mentally wincing a bit. I used to bring the tape to work and sing along while I bartended. Wearing high heels and some glamourous concoction (I thought, at the time). Running up and down the bar mixing drinks, and singing the words all wrong like a Vegas show gone bad. Oh well. Don't think too long and hard about your past or you'll end up like me. Happy Monday on Wednesday, everybody. Hey! It will come back to you!


Peg-Steely Dan Live 2006

and no, that isn't me screaming.