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Think blonde and retro. June Cleaver with a twist. Smart in a worldly way, intuitive and artistic. I've known some intense levels of adversity but still, I love to laugh about life's ridiculous whimsy. Cosmic jokes and my complete belief in karma keep me alive.

Believe that you are valuable enough to be loved. Loved intensely whether you are near or far. Let's create a bond that transcends space and time. You must be free and secure enough to be loved not only by your perfect match but sure that you truly have earned the entitlement to be loved . Know you are valuable without question.

I want to be in touch with kindred souls. Am looking to continue past connections with soulmates from other lifetimes. We may all have hundreds of soulmates from numerous trips through centuries of lives...soulmate does not necessarily equate lover, though some may be. Past connections transient yet so meaningful.

From the blog Straw Houses

My Secret Husband

John Borg, he was lucky enough to land in our town.

A place where he was interacted with and not beat upon.
Not one of the faceless ones.
If he'd stayed in Brooklyn he wouldn't have gotten a second look.

John Borg cruising down Main Street. Riding a bicycle from the Goodwill.
His bike painted black when it'd been copper the day before.
He was a secret agent. And a secret owner of a restaurant.
Singing Elvis at the top of his lungs
along to the cassette player fastened to his wire basket.
His Beatle wig askew, wearing wrap around shades.
And hey, he thought he was married to me.

written March 9, 2006 edited December 27 2007 

Posted by Jozee at 1:25 PM  



7 people spoke up:

Polyman2 said...

He can't be married to you-
because I am.

4:18 PM  
Jozee said...

Wouldn't be my first, or second secret marriage.
Wonder what Mrs Poly would think?

5:14 PM  
Mr. Fabulous said...

Heck, let's have a ceremony and ALL get married!

7:18 AM  
Polyman2 said...

Mrs Poly would kill me in my sleep, so maybe it's best to keep it secret. She is so selfish.

I know I could make you so happy,
and I'm good with children.

9:40 AM  
Jozee said...

Mr F
Do you think all the other wives would want to be bridesmaids? Since you have the upcoming week off could you scout out a location?

Perhaps I should post an ad for all lovers past, present and future to please contact me regarding group marriage to JoZee.
Hmm, wonder if the Superdome is available.

Any chance you can get out at night?
I have time between 7 pm and 6am.
My other married lover takes up all afternoons and daytime weekends.

1:18 PM  
Clo said...

I think Mrs Poly could be part of it!
And Mrs Fab too!
Aren't we talking about love AND freedom the other day?

And Jo, I think that Mrs Borg was not so crazy after all...

1:26 PM  
Jozee said...

I proposed this idea to my real life lover who is married. He thought I was nuts.

All the wives would have to like me too.

I hate it when people don't like me.


Polyman 2 never revealed himself to me. I have no idea who he is. Mr. Fab is still going strong in Florida. He grew up in the neighborhood I now live in. We met on the internet. Clo I've met on the internet and in real life. Last I heard her computer had blown up so she's virtually incommunicado.

In reality love only seems to work out virtually. But not really.

oxo josie

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