6.20 a.m. Jolt awake to click that occurs quietly before the obnoxiously, loud alarm sounds. I could wake myself with a cd. Why don't I do that? Who knows.

6.21 a.m.  Stumble to kitchen, check laptop to see what's in quarantine from the night's sweep. Delete.

6.31 a.m. Start brewing incredibly strong, organic coffee. A gift.

6.34 a.m.  Pit stop.

6.37 a.m. Check computer. Look for love and friends online. Chat.

6.45 a.m. Get coffee and call child who is old enough to rouse herself for school. Mmhmm. 

Back to computer and ten minutes later- nag child again. It's the last year of twelve. Next year, college. No more nagging for me. In the meantime she needs to graduate. Next, I prepare her lunch and breakfast and get her out the door and off to school. Ordinarily I come right back to iper and more coffee.

Yesterday I decided to break the mold and headed west on the local highway to a bit of the hilltowns where my adolescent roots  lie. The pics you see here are the result of that foray.

I started in the hilltowns in the morning and worked my way east on the same road in the afternoon. What I saw yesterday was so varied and I never left a 20 mile (51.80 km) radius of my home. Album to follow. Good morning!

Love, Josie