...it turns out we have a community radio station called WXOJ. Dave who works there came by my studio for open house. We'd never met before. Turned out we have the same cam, we talked for an hour while he watched my slide show. He was thinking of me one day, when looking through some old cassettes. He brought me a cassette by Larry Carlton called On Solid Ground because it had a song titled Josie . Not having a cassette player and at Shi*'s prompt I googled. To my surprise Josie was also a Steely Dan song I'd forgotten about. I used to love Steely Dan back in the days. Remember how everyone used to say they weren't a real band because there were only two musicians and all their work was electronic and done in the studio? Hah!

This version's got a cool montage. Give it a look and a listen.

Josie- Steely Dan


I may hop over to WXOJ one of these days for an interview.

Off for some beauty treatment. I'll be back later babies. Hold down the fort- as my dad used to say. oxo josie