When I reached out on the web back in 2004  it was on a blog Straw Houses, that begins like this...I am an artist and lover of life. I believed completely, from a young age, in the demographers' prediction that one day the population of the world would become the color of coffee with cream. I went on to say...

Hey fellow bloggers. It started out a little something like this, with the notion that I had something to get out. If we all just wrote a little something every day perhaps, our houses wouldn't have to be made of straw. We all have incredible stories to tell, epics unbelieveable to anyone but ourselves.

"Faerie is a perilous land, and in it are pitfalls for the unwary, and dungeons for the overbold." J.R.R. Tolkien


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 In the words of Bob Marley- Good friends we have made and good friends we have lost along the way.

 I'm always looking for more friends. How about you?

 love, Josie