Scotch And Milk

A memory to exorcise

Gangster gave his girlfriend

huge rock

while her mom was in the hospital

so she could die happy about her daughter's supposed pending wedding 

Ring fit for a movie star

most certainly ill gotten

Thirty years later she was still engaged

drinking scotch and milk at the bar I was tending

Gangsta now retired cookin ersatz chicken marsala

substituting gingerale for wine

"Goddammit Joan" (he never got my name)

"I only gave her that ring cause her mother was dyin' ...We're outta number six"

Back to the kitchen he went muttering-

"Eat you rat cocksuckers eat till you die."

jo© originally written 04.20.05 edited 12.11.07



It's all true. I was 21 at the time.

Ogunquit Maine

Postcard scanned and processed in Picasa