Please meet three of my iper contacts. Merlinprincesse, Bonze And D_Nurv.

I've met all three on the web and Merlinprincesse and I have actually had a meeting in actual life. She's a professional artist with a full time career in the sciences. Check her out she rocks!

D_nurv and I know one another other from around  'cybertown' ;-) .He keeps saying photography isn't his thing right now- but he's doin somethin over there at his site. Ask him about his work in the actual world too. love ya, dana! hugz!!  i'm lovin the nerve.

Bonze is new here. you all better run over to his site . he's creating his own world and is waiting for some interactive playahs to show up. jump on- posse. I've already told him my contacts are sharp and play nicely. welcome to iper,Bonze