This is a meme from the past. I lifted these pics from the net a long time ago, So sorry. It was before I was into photography and I'm not making any money from this. Hard to find sea cucumbers at my house.

1. My first car was a Rambler, dented on all four sides, missing it's grill.

2. It cost $75.00

3. It was so dented - people avoided me.

4. I taught myself to drive at 22.

5. I can drive stick.

6. I now drive a 2002 Honda CRV.

7. I've been a single mommy since I was pregnant with my 18 year old.

8. I drove myself to the hospital to have her.

9. The nurses and orderly kept looking behind me to see where my support team was.

10. I had one, 7 year relationship in the last sixteen years.

11. It ended 5 years ago.

12. That's all I'll say about it.

13. My father shot himself at age 55 in 1988.

14. My mother quit smoking after he died.

15. 17 years later my mom died of lung cancer.

16. I was her primary caregiver.

17. Despite never having the inclination to nurse anyone, I'm proud to say I managed to take care of her in my home till the day she died.

18. I feel amazed with myself for having accomplished that.

19. I feel some people in my family resent me because they did not take our mom's illness seriously enough.

20. I know my mom hoped her illness would cure a rift in our family. It didn't.

21. I'm the oldest of 6 in our family and it seems I am the only one that cares if our family is ever a cohesive unit again.

22. I have a married lover.

23. It happened by accident and goes against everything I believe in.

24. I'm 3 and a half decades younger than he is.

25. I value his worldly experience.

26. I've had contact with him every day from my mom's diagnosis till now.

27. I was surprised when he'd come to the hospital to feed me cherries and kisses when my mom was admitted.

28. I am pampered with coffee, chocolates, fruit, perfume and vitamins by my love. 29. I only wear one scent ever. Coriandre by Jean de Couturier. 30. Lobster is my favorite food.

31. I love fusion cooking.

32. The only foods I know I don't like are sea cucumbers and duck feet.


33.I stilll like this song even though it's not new anymore.



"A Million Ways" by OK Go

From their  album, "Oh No"


34. I have a soft spot for lovable goofy , guys.