I went to work yesterday confident that I'd be able to be in touch with you all and actively participate through the day with you since I  am now connected to the internet. My self assurance was dashed because ipernity will not be found on my computer at work. I don't believe this is a firewall issue because I am using the same laptop I connect with at home and have no problems receiving iper there. I can go everywhere on the net except iper with my work connection. This is leading me to conclude that there is some issue with my ip address at work and iper.

So, until this matter clears up I will be connecting with you all while I am at home and not at work so my presence will be a bit spotty. I've written the team and I'm member tagging this post.

I can be found a few other places on the web which can be found through my blogger blog.  www.josiesoho.com

Hope all is well with you and your technology!

Hugs and kisses, Josie.  Work is lonely without you all. sigh.