Module one: challenges of globalisation
Q: ‘Human mobility is an international solution, not an international problem.’
Q: What do the examples of weapons, tobacco and illicit drugs say about global
collaboration in solving international problems?
Module two: world poverty and its causes
Q: ‘Over the years external economic dependence has brought prosperity to some lessdeveloped
countries and misery to others’. Discuss. (from the 2005 exam)
Q: If former colonies like Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Singapore have
become prosperous, why is colonialism still blamed for the poverty of so many other
countries? (from the 2003 exam)
Module three: urbanisation: nature, causes and problems
Q: To what extent and in what ways is urbanisation an international problem? Discuss
with reference to AT LEAST two aspects of urbanisation.
Q: Why is segregation so prevalent in ‘global cities’?

 Module four: geopolitics: identity, space and power in a divided world
Q: ‘Geopolitical discourse does not just describe the world; it helps to create it.’
Discuss with reference to specific examples.
Q: To what extent and in what ways does the ‘War on Terror’ order and
disorder the world?





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