One of the most important lessons I learned this weekend addressed an issue I have personally and the person who taught it to me has no idea how much she impacted me. I have a problem at times allowing myself to use the title Artist for myself. The point she made was about herself but it applies to all of us across the board. She spoke about having difficulty describing what her work was as an artist. She then went on to say she'd come to the realization that she had look at her body of work from a year. Not a day, yesterday, last week or last month. She'd come to the conclusion that a year was the most reasonable amount of time to give herself. Such a logical conclusion. When I see her again I'll have to thank her in person. Thank you Mieke!

On another note, one artist in the building who's a beautiful photographer told me, "I couldn't do this for a living. I like to bang metal with hammers, I'm a mechanic." If he wasn't such a beautiful photographer I'd suggest he consider sculpture.

Currently working on six shots of the studio to make a panoramic album and listening to Stephen Marley's Hey Baby on a continuous loop ...

Happy Monday all you Artistes out there!