My bf friend messaged me this morning that he'd dreamt he was in LA last night. He said he felt unwelcome. Poor, German, Swedish, American man. I told him that's the way LA is. If you don't feel unwelcome, people will do their damndest to make you feel you are. He told me that's exactly how he felt in the dream.  In my experience it's best to  stay south or north of LA. It's a town for hurters, drones, queens and martyrs. 

My apologies if you live in LA and you're a variant. Let's hook up.


In other news- besides participating with all you loveys here, i try to walk daily. besides all the other stuff. I just came in from misting the log. it's a yoni garden now. yeah. stewards of what? i'm in and out thinking of you all. gotta get to that studio today. it's been three weeks. not that i haven't been creative still but the board members of josie soho™ haven't quite grasped the importance of this medium to my career. ya you know. i'll be back. have great days, all of you. i'll write some more later. oxo josie.

p.s. if i haven't answered your last comment, i will. i'm thinking. leave another one. i'll be over. soon. ;-)