Walking in the woods today I found this hollow log. I took about fifty pics. Then I decided I needed to take the log home. It's almost as tall as I am. I was walking along the old rail trail that's now a bike path.  "Behind you on your left!" A bike approaching.  I looked back to see a man who looked like Clark Kent astride the bike. "What are you going to do with that ?" he asked about the log. I  said, "It's  interesting." He said, "C'mon you've got to do better than that!" I thought hmm, maybe my destiny is to be with a man who looks like Clark Kent. Maybe he's Superman at home. Nah- he probably wouldn't like me dragging logs home from the woods.

I'd been having a hard day. I'd been berating myself because anyone who's loved me romantically has always done it from a distance.I tried to cajole myself. "C'mon, friends long distance are fine. So what if you have no one to sleep with, you're loved."  This type of convo in my head all day long.

I lugged the log into the yard. It fell out of my hands. I let it lay.   


My lover passed through on his way home to his wife tonight. Leaving, the log was in his path. "That looks interesting." he said.

I sleep alone. *Shrug.*