Till very recently I was a childcare provider. I ran a service for children in my home. The kids were a great source of delight, inspiration and stimulation for me. In spite of this after eight years I began to feel constrained being in my home every day. As some of you know I have a studio.  I quit my job to pursue my art and jewelry full time. I have been moving in at a snail's pace. It's huge. Part of me is afraid to fill it just because if I ever have to get everything out it would be a mind boggling task.(Fear of commitment.) Believe me, I have all the typical artist's clutter, talismans, supplies and more... You know.  There'll be a sale if I ever have to move. ;-) 

There were other responsibilities and concerns which have impeded my progress as well. Things have cleared up, so it is time for me to direct my focus back to the studio and my 3 dimensional art forms as well as my photography and blogging. I will get a computer connection at the studio asap so I can bring all of you with me!!! Very important!


Speaking of fear of commitment- I am contemplating an upgrade to pro here at ipernity. My hesitancy only lies in my own limitations. I know from experience that sometimes when I pay for a site- I don't use it! Till I figure that out you may want to look at the end of my stream for some uploads I opened recently from other months.  I am at 81% upload capacity today and am certain I will go over limit very soon. 

So, If I'm not here- I will be; walking, shooting, at the studio, or mothering. In various orders at various times. Since I am self employed and an artist I'm actually working ALL the time. Though my kids think I just have a serious computer addiction . Best work I've ever had! 

Have  a great weekend friends- whatever you do. I'll be in and out and checking your streams and groups. 

Say somethin!




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