Seems the beaver's been busy with trees at the studio. He bit off more than he could haul away last night. The grass was all matted on the banking and there were fresh chips of wood under the sapling he felled. That's one of the reasons I'm always inspired at the studio. The same view is never the same view twice.

I had the window open to take these shots and decided the breeze was nice so I left it open. A woman came along and asked if I minded if she leaned out and took some shots of my tower. I told her go right ahead. I know she'll never get the same shot I do. It was funny though when she pointed out she had the exact same camera model I have. Life's quirky. I don't think I'm that famous- yet!

I had a lot of interest in my jewelry and my photography. I spent a lot of time explaining to people that I am a blogger as well as a jewelry designer and photographer. The cards I handed out this year have my three ipernity addresses on them. I talked a lot about my experience in Berlin and how wonderful it was to meet all my friends from this site. You may see some new faces around.

Till tomorrow...