As demand rises for oil, and stocks start to diminish, and the number of high demand users increases, it seems multi-lateralism will give way to unilateralism and the formation of client states for the big users in key regions (for producing and transporting of fossil fuels). Already, it seems, Georgia is an indication of the type of proxy war that will result from this situation, with such countries left high and dry by the promises of the various industrialized nations and their clubs. Only when fossil fuel production or transit is threatened will action be taken. Furthermore, due to the impracticality of stationing 'Western' or other foreign troops in places such as the middle east or the 'stans' it means local rulers must be appeased and given access to military resources. This leads to a disturbing disregard for human rights in many of these nations, ones with varying standards of democracy and often high inequality.

We must address energy security as global issue, and find a way to resolve this dominating sphere of geo-politics into something equitable and in line with other goals. The Carter doctrine (along with truman et al) which has protected the interests of Saudi Arabia, at least its ruling elite since the 2nd world war, has to end. it has prevented internal reform of this nation and has lead, in part, to the formation of groups such as Al-Qaead, as US troops became stationed to ensure safe oil production and passage in the Gulf. Ultimately, it has lead to many wars and proxy wars, which are then portrayed as human rights or WMD concerns.

Why else do the Western media focus so much in Latin Amercia on Chavez if not for the fact Venezuela possesses a vast amount of oil? Oil is the back bone of our economies, and economies are everything to politics. Therein lies the problem.

I would like to hear your thoughts