I went to take photos today at the Stockholm Pride parade, which this year incorporates Europride. It culminates the week of festivities which has brought colour to the City. Despit a monumental downpour, the crowds lined the route in huge numbers and the number in the parade was a record I believe. The excitement, colour, noise and general spectacle as the parade took off was something to behold. Great spirits and openess all round, the day seemed a real success. The openess of Swedes must be praised, I didn't see any intolerance during the afternoon, and to see people of all ages and nationalities taking part and watching was extremely positive.


Mayday or workers day(?) had a similar feeling, real respect for different views and plurality, and great fun to see and take photos of too, as well as supporting different causes.


I promised some Argentians I met I would post a photo of them with my friend and the Pride flags, so here it is:


but you never gave me your names, so your fame will be uncredited!

It would be nice to meet again before you leave if you check this in time, if you do check and have time, email bigblondejon at hotmail dot com (i want to avoid spammers!)      :)

The rest of the photos I will upload shortly (many were taken on self-timer hoisted up on the tripod at full height held in my hands so I could see over the crowds!).