My writing,

the window on my mind

it's from a distance.


In writing,

I achieve a regression

an objectivity

by viewing from afar.


the subjectivity of writing

may obscure the limits of objectivity

but in writing,

the I is lost.


the person I know

the only person I know

sits as a silent muse

the words observe this person.


To write this, I must be the observer

and the observed.

To be still, and see myself.

That is regression.

That is the beauty, the tool, of writing.


This person infuriates me. Sometime pleases me.

I concentrate on the problems, perhaps wrongly.

It's easy to be critical.

The words are not harsh, they are sympathetic for the most.

To praise this person, would be to make the relationship uncomfortable.

Perhaps untenable.


But what if,

During these episodes of regression,

You felt you no longer knew the truth about the person?

Perhaps simply, our own narratives override the truth of who we are.

Further regression, further distance, and then I see a person, i think it's myself,

as they are, I am, free from how i wish to see them, and just as they are.