This is more an attempt at a discussion, but it is always interesting to find out who uses what and how they use it, and why they use it.

I'll start by saying i use a Nikon Coolpix E5700. It's an old digital 'prosumer' model (i bought it towards the end of its shelf life in 2005) with 5 MP sensor and 8x Zoom-Nikkor lens, with an 8.9-71.2mm (equivalent to 35-280mm in 35mm [135] format) focal range, and two ED (Extra-low Dispersion) lens elements. It is not an SLR but at the time this was the bridge between point and shoot and DSLR which a little raw. Talking of RAW this does shoot RAW and tiff as well as standard JPEG. I bought it on the strength of some very good reviews and it just feels so right to use. It has a sturdy magnesium body which i like and the buttons, whilst there are many and it takes a while to get used to them all, are well positioned which means the many options can be quickly used without going through fiddly menus. I love the wheel which allows me to move between 4 customised modes, which allows much quicker shooting between colour, video and black and white (although normally it stays on black and white!).

it took me two years before i felt i was using all the features i needed to, and using them well. I phased each feature in bit by bit so that i still enjoyed the photography, and as such I have felt that my photos and my technical side have been improving during this time. I have to say, the camera was money well spent, and although i would like a DSLR, i still love this camera and i am constantly surprised and just how well made it was and how well set up for photographers. The only downsides are battery life, focusing in low light, and the speed between shots (unless on dedicated high speed shooting).

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