from the bbc:

"Blair 'secretly advising Brown'

Tony Blair is giving advice to Prime Minister Gordon Brown and has told him how to win the next election, Cherie Blair has said.

Her disclosure is made in an interview with the Times newspaper to coincide with its serialisation of her autobiography, Speaking for Myself.

In one extract from the book, she reveals how her husband suffered a crisis of confidence over the Iraq war.

But she writes he decided to stay on as PM to fight for his domestic legacy."


I love these kind of headlines, i don't think it's too secret now, and I gues that was Cherie Blair's aim all the time, and it would appear the advice is not working too well right now...I suspect it is only a 'coincidence' that she is saying this now, and revealing her book now, along with the Labour government suffering terrible i said, probably coincidence...

As for Tony staying on to fight for his domestic legacy....I probably should say nothing about that.