The burden of the world falls on the shoulders of the selfless. Without conditionality, without demands, millions of these miracles pass between us. Soaking up the tears of the world without bitterness. Receiving the punches of the angry, with not a resort to violence. It is not about hope. These people can exist without the fragility of hope. A natural logic.

They simply cannot see how we could be any other way. How they could not act as they do? Theirs is a unbreakable conviction in what they have witnessed to be right and necessary. It does not require motivation, nor to be delivered through religion and social constructs. They feel the most basic love for the world in all its isolated and fragile beauty.

Find these people. See them. Talk to them. The answers to every human problem, lies with humans. Not with science or a god.

The selfless are the light amongst the dark and should not have to suffer for no more than being a part of nature that we humans tried to leave behind. Their inspiration lies in being. We should watch. No more shouting. No more competition. No more subjugation. We all are, with nature, one. Every part of nature is a part of us. We arose from the violent ball of gas and particles that cooled into rock and the elements and atmosphere we see today. We are no more special than anything we see around us. Sun, cosmic rays, magnetic fields, meteorites. They are the additions to this one system that evolved. The matter was all already here. We are then literally part of this earth, we just came along a different path from some objects to where we are today. A path informed by millions of years of nature's experiments in chemistry and biology. It's beautiful to realise that the sun gave life to what the earth built, and we are just a fascinating ensemble of the universe's components.

If we end human problems - we end problems. Nature has no problems, it just is. If we are nature again, the concept vanishes.

This requires acceptance, but releases us. Life is a means of reproducing nature. Humans are ending the life of the planet. If we lose the self, a self defined relative to others, maybe the selfless will no longer carry the weight they never deserved.