I noticed the new login preferences, and previously i have used openid on other sites, although i do not find remembering passwords a problem. I am aware this is a problem though, always logging in, so openid etc are basically a good idea.

I saw the facebook login system newly listed as an option for ipernity, so that we can log into both. Something made me suspicious as to why facebook should be an included option, other than for the reason that its tentacles spred far and wide (i use it, i freely admit, but i rarely login). One reason for not logging in more than i have to, is that i hear an increasing number of reports of facebook applications and the website itself tracking your web usage and history whilst logged in and after logging in, unless you delete all cookies. I'm not sure who the data is ultimately given to, or what it is used for, but it is certainly not their data to have. I have nothing to hide, but equally they have no right to track people.

please see the link here for an example of what i am talking about

So my concern is that ipernity's link with the facebook login system will extend this data collection and monitoring. if you log in through the facebook login, then whilst using ipernity and other sites thereafter you may well be tracked too. I don't know exactly how this works other than use of cookies and certain scripts, and to what extent all these things exist. I am relying on other internet sources so maybe some of what is claimed is not true or no longer true, but i have yet to be convinced and so i would like to be reassured by ipernity that this login system does not allow user's details and actions to be collected, monitored or used by any party.