Everything comes down to people.

Why make life more complicated?

We are animals and shall remain so,

Why be afraid to receive and embrace this label,

For i do not see 'animals' bringing this planet to its knees.


So often,

“What’s the point anymore?”

So tell me now,

What is?

The point

That i am clearly missing

Day-to-day nothings so sweetly occupy the mind,

Bring on the blinkers

And shut down the faculties



Yet It does not work on me

So I sit and wonder,


For longer,

And longer,

About why i am here

And you are here

And how it is i can think this,

And indeed how i can write this?


Oh so many questions,

The fundamentals that when combined

Form our very existence

Just how did it all happen?

What is it worth when all of space has given up its hand to entropy?

When space is deathly quiet and cool

Then what?



And bearing in mind this, and the fact we are only animals

Here to observe a curious fluke of chemistry and coincidence

Why the fuck do we care about more money,

the most fashionable clothes,

celebrity TV

career progression with material rewards,

And all the things that don’t matter?

Shutting ourselves in human cages

Signing away our life to work that changes nothing.

No attempt to challenge the status quo

or explore what is truly beautiful in life



Go on

take the easy road,

Fall in line,

Stamp out individuals and live as clones


Relentlessly seeing out time

Drinking to avoid thinking

Watching to avoid contemplating

Fighting to avoid reason





If you tell people what is wrong,

Put it in articles,

Encapsulate it in song,

And they still don’t get it,

And can’t save themselves

Then maybe it’s time for me to go,

And leave them to their merry dance with Satan


as i depart for higher ground,

watching the team leaders walk across their hot coals

Whilst gleaming gurus gush to the admiring hush,

I find myself thinking,

Maybe one day.

Just maybe.

the Suburbanites will find their missing souls?


It was just a thought.