It's been a long busy week with a long busy weekend coming.  Often times I like to come home, put on my earphones and just chill at full blast for a while to the beat of my favorite music.  Therapy for the mind and soul...for me anyway.  All kinds of music moves me...just depends what kind of mood I'm in.  One night could be dance, another Motown, maybe some Disco on Wednesday, Southern Rock on Saturday night, or on a night like tonight....somewhat classical.  But no matter what kind it is, once those earphones go on and the music begins, I'm transported almost out of body, to a place void of stress, worries, and the duldrum of everyday life.... It's a great place to be. 

Anyway, this video is one of the "songs of the night" for me.  For  those that have never heard the voice of Mario Frangoulis, you're in for a treat.  "Nights in White Satin" is one of my favorite all time songs and not only does he sing it perfectly, he sings it in Italian and is joined at the end by Justin Hayward from the Moody Blues, where they finish in a duet.  A most remarkable build-up to a fantastic finale. 

So put on your earphones(recommended)....and enjoy the ride:)