I wonder why you are here on ipernity. I guess we are all here to share our pics. I also enjoy looking at other photographers' work. Why? Partly for pure enjoyment and partly to learn. Perhaps your shot is better than a similar one that I took. I'll look closely at your photo to try to understand what you have done that I might try to apply to my shooting in future. It may have something to do with composition or lighting or other such factor or perhaps it is something to do with your equipment and how you use it. But how do I know if you don't even tell me the camera you are using?

Perhaps we are using the same or a similar camera. Then telling me the settings you used will help me to get more out of my camera. Do you want to keep such information a secret? I suspect that most of you don't. If you'd like to help me and others on ipernity learn from you, here's how you do it.

Click on the three little bars in the top-right corner as if you are going to log out.

Now click 'Account settings'.

On the left, click 'Photos and other content'.

Now you can change any of your settings, who can see your pics, who can add comments etc. Under the heading 'Rules applicable to all of your content instantly', the last of three settings is 'Display the shooting information on your photo pages?' I believe the default here is 'NO'. By changing it to 'YES' you allow others to know your camera, exposure, aperture, focal length and ISO. Once you've set it, you can forget it. It will happen automatically on all your pics.

Thanks for your cooperation.