A few months ago I was returning to Penang on a train from Hat Yai. I was sitting there enjoying the ride when an extremely tall young man walked through the carriage. This guy wasn't just a little taller than the rest of us, he had to bend quite a bit so he didn't bump his head on the ceiling.

When the train stopped at the border I got out and there was the tall man on the platform. Railway-police officers and one or two others were having their photo taken with him. I decided to make the most of this, took out my Lumix TZ10 and quickly grabbed a few shots before he moved inside the immigration building.

He was just in front of me when we were queueing to enter Malaysia. I made an assessment of his height compared to mine and did a rough calculation. I figured he would have to be perhaps 2.4 metres or 8 ft tall, maybe even a little more. We got back on the train and I didn't see him again.

When I got home I said to Lucy, 'Just wait till you see what I caught today.' I took the card out of the TZ10 and connected it to the computer. There were a few pics but the ones of the tall man were not there.

I did a search online for 'world's tallest man' which took me to a Guinness World Records' page. The man on this page is named Sultan Kosen. He is from Turkey and perhaps he looks just a little younger than the man I photographed but I felt very confident that I had photographed the world's tallest living man.

And the pictures had disappeared.

Just recently I was back in Hat Yai and whenever I tried to take a shot with the TZ10 there was a message on the screen saying 'Pictures will be recorded to inbuilt memory'. I ignored it and kept shooting. When I returned home I discovered that I had accidentally bumped the mode dial and caused it to save the pictures to built-in memory rather than the memory card. When I checked I discovered a few more pics there and yes my pictures of the very tall man were there.

Is this Sultan Kosen?

About a week ago. I did another search. There are a few pics online of Sultan and some videos on youtube. Most were taken a few years back. I was not feeling 100% certain. But if it was not Sultan, who else could it be?

Today I checked again and discovered this page. Apparently Sultan was married a day or two ago and the report shows some current photos. Looking at these photos I'm sure it must have been him that I photographed at the border station. I also found another page that showed he had been in Thailand a few months back.

The rest of my pics: