Having been in Asia now, on and off, for close to eleven years I appreciate that there are people who are happy to be employed as sweepers—a job that seems to have disappeared in Australia. By sweeper, I mean someone with a broom, not one of these windy noise machines.

Unfortunately, in Australia the noise machines have taken over. Sadly, they are now starting to appear here in Malaysia.

When I visit the Botanic Gardens I do it to relax in a natural environment. Sometimes this means walking along a path with a few leaves on it like this.

I really don't mind. These leaves do not interfere with my enjoyment of the Gardens. However, when I hear these wind machines it does interfere with my enjoyment and takes away the peacefulness that I have come to enjoy. There is absolutely nothing natural about these machines. In my opinion, they do not belong in an environment like botanic gardens.

If those in charge of the Botanic Gardens are obsessed with having leaf-free paths, please, bring back the sweepers.