Recently, Lucy had to attend a conference in Alor Star, the capital of Malaysia's Kedah state. It is about 100 km north of Penang. She suggested I might like to come along for the trip. I've never seen Alor Star before and thought it would be a good opportunity to take a few photos. However, as I would also be taking care of Oliver I had to figure a way to keep him occupied. I decided to teach him how to take photos. The results are here for your enjoyment. Who knows, you might also pick up a few tips about photography.

Lesson 1. Portrait photography. Make sure you take your subject from their best angle. (Yeah, that's me.)

Lesson 2. Always look for interesting subjects for your photographs. No problem, Oliver takes a new picture about every two seconds.

And Lesson 3. Keep your fingers away from the front of the lens.

This one was a bit challenging for him. Well, who would design a camera with the lens in the top corner right where you need to grip the camera? The prominent building over the road is the Big Clock Building.

Oliver is right into taking shots of the sights of Alor Star now. In the foreground of the next shot is Balai Nobat, the building where sacred instruments of the Royal Orchestra are housed. In the background is Menara Alor Star or Alor Star Tower.

Now he's getting it together. That's the State Mosque on the left and, in case you missed it, the Big Clock Building on the right.

An art gallery in the foreground and the Tower in the background. In between you can see Hotel Samila which is where we stayed.

Lesson 4. Street photography. Try to capture a candid shot of a stranger in the street without getting your face punched. I think he did well.

I think he did really well with this shot of the Tower. He's as good as me already.

Lesson 5. Abstract photography. When he can do as well as his previous shot it is time to go into the advanced stuff.

I think this abstract photography is really his style.
He's even become a little impressionistic with this one. He's getting too good. He's showing me up. Give me that camera kid!

OK, I took this one to honour the great photographer.