It is hard for many art lovers to understand abstractionism of abstract oil paintings due to its plain combination of colors and lines which have no interesting image or photo incorporate with it. Some can also feel that it is quite all to easy to create this painting, therefore they've already no interest to check deeply into its real meaning which the art lover can understand and realize its inner beauty.
Abstract oil paintings are a type of non-visual art. Artist create abstract paintings by depicting their emotion and feeling at that moment such as, feeling of fear and love, feeling about sound and nature, etc. then portray it in a very way of shapes, lines, and colours. The imagination about organs like kidneys or heart they can double in abstract painting as well. Want to create an incredible abstract painting and convey the right meaning to onlookers, here are 5 easy abstract painting techniques you'll be able to apply:

1. Drip Painting Technique - Simply drip the paint removed from your paint brush or straight from paint container onto painting surface including canvas, then use the world gravity guide your paint for your desired direction.

2. Splatter Painting Technique - Make use of this abstract painting technique you'll need straws or toothbrushes to blow off your paint onto your desired painting surface. The effect you will get is an outstanding effect of assorted lines and colors.

3. Mixed Mediums - To make use of this painting technique for your abstract painting you should have greater than 1 medium to your painting for example oil paint and acrylic paint. Strips of textiles and papers have decided and glued around the canvas the way in which the artist wish to portray.

4. Geometric Design - It does not take abstract design that create from artist's tension and drama by emphasizing sharp geometric lines to portray an exact masterpiece of design.

5. Free morpheme abstract oil paintings technique - As being the name say it, artist freely choose any color they like.