My Gottica: out of space.
Every time I enter in the space of Gottica, I have the sensation a best world. Your world haven´t monsters or ghosting. Your world is plain, beautiful. Its a fantasy because their actually speaks of freedom of dreams

Never the pictures talk. Is the author whoever speaks, and the author speaks directly to our senses and our dreams.

His message: Dive into my dreams and in my music. Drink of my colors. Let´s follow Gottyca in her space, always within the space of Gottica, we fit dream our dreams

The painter Francisco de Goya said, "The dream of reason produces monsters". The symbolism in photography of Gottica us closer to the dream of reason.
The dreams of Gottica , are Gothic dreams, but non of Gothica novel style, yes of the Gothica Cathedral and their windows worked to fire glass, lead, silver, alum, cobalt, gray, pewter, green, gold and blue.

The "pinturas negras" of Goya is a series of paintings of monsters, made from the reason.
Of Goya is also the Countess of Chinchon, painted from compassion and love.

From Gottica are the monsters, images of dreams that seem nightmares, of Gottica are also the roses, landscapes ... A nothing that makes lack love. Sometimes shyness or modesty to give their love hide it among green arms of thousand magicians waiting to welcome us , in space that sleep gives us , without taking up space