Read a couple books lately, one good, one not so good. I'll start with the 'not so good'.

"Digital Fortress" by Dan Brown. This was entertaining, but it had so many things in it that just iritated me. I work as a computer and security administrator and this book was about a programmer developing a new encryption program called 'Digital Fortress' which was impossible to decrypt without the original key. It really frustrated me that the author seemed to ignore such things as computer backups. As I said, good entertainment, but technically it wasn't so great.

"Theives of Bagdad" by Matthew Bogdanos and William Patrick. Non-fiction. After September 11, 2001, this Marine Corps Reserve colonel (Matthew Bogdanos), lawyer and student of ancient civilizations, returned to uniform full-time to head counterterrorism operations in Afghanistan and later in Iraq, where Bogdanos gave himself the mission of finding antiquities that had been stolen from the Iraq National Museum during the American invasion. Not exactly exciting, just REALLY, REALLY interesting.