Across the Atlantic, stronger winds are picking up... lashing Ireland, Scotland after working their way up the seaboard of the U.S. and Canada. The ways of hurricanes are still capricious. No one would have thought Hurricane Hannah would re-form after she left Nova Scotia to come back into a fully loaded cyclone, spiralling down upon Mayo coasts with winds exceeding 100 kilometres per hour.

In the old days it was said that the climate, the health of livestock and the productivity of the fields rested upon two things - the stature of the rulers (in their ethics, generousity and courage), and the balance and health of the people... in acknowledging their kinship and indebtedness with each other and with the spiritual forces moving through the land.

We have a wonderful opportunity and challenge before us, to remind our leadership through our own example... that we can lift our own lives with good works, good consciousness, good intentions, good relations. As we apply ourselves (without looking around to see if someone else is doing it first) we may see the effect spilling outward... outward... outward... through our children, our community and our nations.

And maybe even in our weather. So may we all have a stimulating and rewarding autumn. Equinox comes!