Hello and I hope you find this visit rewarding.

As I move about upon Ireland either as a researcher, as a person visualising its ancient ritual landscape, or as a modern walker appreciating the embrace of hillside, valley and stream - I am struck by how alive and how "talkative" it is.  The land has a language and a quiet murmur running under it, and in some places it rises almost to a roar... which can be decidedly unwelcoming if one has arrived at the wrong time or through "the wrong door."  

There is a right way and a wrong way about all things, with some room for interpretation and the multiple layers of meaning that pop up everywhere.

Regardless of the simplicity or the complexity of a place, I no less than anyone else can become unsettled and unfocussed.  For the influence and attempted guidance, of this struggling student, by my dedicated teachers I am most grateful.  I continue to benefit from whatever small lessons of Buddhism have penetrated through my obstinate clouds.