So - just as 2013 draws to a close I finally have the space to finally upload some photos - both figuratively and literally.

Its been a BIG year. The best of times and the worst of times.

We took over the lease of a whole building in the city and moved our business in. Then, at the eleventh hour found ourselves homeless and so have spent the last 4 months turning what was a kareoke bar (on the top floor) into our home. With a baby. And up until two weeks ago, no bathroom. We have boxes still yet to be unpacked, but the majority of structural work is done, and apart from painting and some new floor coverings... (and getting rid of that damed plaster dust on EVERYTHING) it's finally home.

The stress of this, a court case AND taking over a second business has taken its toll. So unfortunately I've had a few too many trips to hospital. One being for a ketamine infusion for my chronic pain, which unfortunately was unsucessful.

But I'm a fighter and I'm still here. By hook or by crook I will carve out a place for me in this world where I can thrive. It might just take me a bit longer.

Speaking of thriving, my not so little baby girl is growing like a weed! 15 months old and taking the world by storm. Her own, not insignificant, health issues aren't holding her back one little bit. She is a joy to behold and she brings so much laughter into my world. I am exquisitely grateful.

So roll on 2014! Thank you 2013 - you were extremely testing - but I think I passed, if only just ;)