"The relationship between your boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend

or the relationship between your girlfriend and her ex-

boyfriend" this is our debate today. Do you accept that your

boyfriend or your girlfriend makes friend with his ex-

girlfriend or her ex-boyfriend? Our group choose to accept.

Everyone is fair in the world and I think everyone has his or her

own right to choose his or her own friends. People may ask me

"Do not you worry about your boyfriend, he makes friend with

his ex-girlfriend, they had loved each other?" I do not worry

about him or their relationship, because he loves me now,not

her. I believe that in his eyes, I am better than his ex-girlfriend.

This is my answer. The most important element of why are

couples get together is that they trust each other, believe in each

other. Another one asked me "if your boyfriend love you and

his ex-girlfriend at the same time, what can you do?" I believe

the man I choose, if he dose it like this, I think he is not the man

worth loving for me, he is not my Mr right. Another question"If

your boyfriend talks laughly with his ex-girlfriend in front of

you, and the girl cares your boyfriend very much. Can you

accept this?" My answer is certain. As far as I am concerned, I

think I am lucky that thereis another girl cares about my

boyfriend just like me.

I believe there is ture love in the world.