Well, yesterday was Friday, the end of school! I came home with my friends, and we went in my room, and they pretty much just commented on how much I'm welfare, which last time I checked, I'M NOT. It was also my grandmother's birthday. We also made some crazy pictures, I drew them out, then when we coloured them, we pretty much just scribbled XD they looked AWESOME and then WHILE I was drawing, Stella took a pencil crayon and said "pre-colour" and coloured on the paper before I was done XD Well, after my dad came home, he scared my friends away, and they left, pretty quickly.

Also, Friday was the premere of DUBBED DEATH NOTE!!! NOW people who FUCKING SUCK are going to like it. It's not fair, it should just stay subbed. Not only is it better, but people who watched dubbed stuff are usually just people who SUCK A LOT. I'm so mad. I can't believe it's already in Canada, like, I thought that only people in US would see it, and then, after like, 4 years, it would reach to Canada, but NO, It's just ON YTV and it's not fair, cause me and my friends liked death note before the episodes were COMPLETE. Like, we watched it as soon as they came out.

Well, after everyone went to bed, my grandma gave me $20 when nobody was looking  and now, I think today I'm going to metrotown with my friend, Stella, to buy dunkaroos. We have to dress like gangters to make it funnier. OH NO, I have the hickups.. UGHGHGHUHG they're so annoying. Just like my sister. People should be greatful that they don't have hickups. You know, if you have them for long enough, they start to hurt. Some guy had it for 40 years. Imagine how HORRIBLE they felt right before he got rid of them. They, it stopped... *hickup* kdgkajdfkjdgijdfaiughdfughudsghudgh NOT FAIR. I think I typed that a little too fast.

Well, now I have to go and eat breakfast, casue my mom is makin' pancakez I'll talk to you later readers. BYE