Hi, this is Dylan. I'm going to say this every time because I'm sure somebody will hack my account and post blog entries, and they won't state that they're "Dylan". Today is only a Thursday, and I think school ended early? I don't know why, but when I take the bus home from school, I'm usually there at about 3:55 but today, when I walked home, I showed up at 3:30. So, does that mean that the bus is slower? I don't think so. I think we got let out early.

Well, a lot happened somewhat recently. I've been taking money from my mom's bank account through her paypal, and I ordered a coca cola clock, usb fan, and kingdom hearts necklace. She of course found out, and I'm grounded for all of October and November. November I don't mind, but why October? First double digit month, leaves starting to fall, and best of all, HALLOWEEN. My favorite holiday. Not cause of the candy, not cause of the costumes, but cause of everybody coming together and having fun.. with candy :D and that's the best gift of all.

I have to miss it this year. The Halloween dance at my school. And fright night, a fun amusement park in my neighborhood, which I happen to live 3 blocks away from. But the best part of all, I have to miss a really fun night of trick-or-treating with my friends in ridiculous costumes. Me and my friend, Stella, we're going to be raisins, we planned to take garbage bags, and tape rolled up newspapers inside to make the wrinkle lines, and make holes for our heads and arms. Sounds like fun, no?

I really want to go, last year I went with my friend, Amber, who I don't go to the same school with anymore. she's really cool, and she likes mystic things, one of my favorite people. And I also went with Branden, he's cool too, he's great at photo shopping images and likes that same stuff Amber does. It was really fun, and we got lots of candy. After that, we went to her basement and played xbox until I had to go home, but before I left, she showed my a great game, Otogi 2, it looked amazing, so I bought one for myself.... even though I have an xbox 360. Well, that's it for today. Bye.