I was an impatient refugee. Once I discovered ipernity it took me almost no time to decide that this would be my new Internet photo-home. I took out a two-year Club sub, installed the bulk import script and whizzed my 5K+ photos over here in 60 or so neat batches of 90 over my first weekend. A few got lost in translation when the importer stalled but I managed to recapture some of them later.
So then here I was with a bunch of photos, many rather erratically tagged, arranged in chronological order of posting to their previous home - an order which did not, in many cases, co-incide with the chronological order of taking...
I listed the 160 sets they'd been sorted into previously (apart from the thousand or so that weren't in sets...) and began, rather erratically, to recreate them. It was interesting, reliving old memories of the past six years but gradually it began to become more fun to post new stuff here, meet new people. I had almost decided that album creation was a meditative activity best left for dark winter evenings when along came the album importer.
When it was first announced I momentarily regretted my hasty move but now I've discovered that having most of my photos here already isn't a problem.
The script works in two stages. It first goes through the photos in the f****r sets and checks whether they're here on ipernity. If they are, it creates an album of the same name, including any previous description, here and adds them to it. If any of the photos in the set are not already here, it prompts you to re-rerun the script and on this second pass imports any remaining photos and adds them to the album created on the first pass.
The advantages of this two-stage pass are:
1. It avoids duplicating any photos already imported (good for impatient people like me).
2. It mops up any photos that got lost on the bulk import.
3. If photos are in more than one set it will only import them once but will add them to two albums over here.
So far I've used the script to successfully recreate two albums - one where all the photos were already here, requiring just one pass, and the other where quite a few hadn't previously made it but were imported on the second pass. Planning to do the same with the remainder over the next few weeks.
Finally, I will add all the photos that were never part of a set to a 'nonset' set and run the album importer on it. That will give me a final check that everything is over here.
I am tempted to utter a word beginning with A but since a few weeks ago that has a whole other meaning...

Footnote: Discovered elsewhere that max size for album is 2000 photos.