I have to admit I never saw the point of some of the groups that existed on flickr. I remember one being set up with the sole purpose of becoming the *biggest* group and encouraging members to add their entire photostream to the group?! Then there were the comment groups - add one comment x - that would clutter up your comments with flashing icons and rotating gifs.
"You are my winner" !flash flash! "Your photo is AWESOME - as seen in the I've Got More Comments Than You Have group" !jiggle wiggle rotate! (Now who else was it that used the A word recently?)
I had thought of including such things in my previous list of 'Things I won't miss about flickr'. It was so refreshing not to find them over here and it seems from this discussion in the New Flickr Survivors group that I'm not alone in thinking this.
NFS is just one of the groups that's been set up to help ex-flickrites settle in. There's a useful list of others on the ipernity team blog. (And the blog in general is a really good way to find out what's going on here.)
Groups are, it must be said, a good way to get to know people. I've already met a few new faces and there are a lot of great photostreams here that I hope to find the time to explore over the next few days and weeks.
But with this new start I've decided I only want to join groups that I'm going to participate in. I belonged to over 20 London-related groups on flickr but only ever consistently posted to about three of them. When I came to ipernity, only a week ago, a group search just brought up one London group - 'London' - which I joined but now there are 18! - including, of course, Guess Where London? which is one of the few things I would have missed about the other place. Join us if you want to post and guess pics of London!
And if you want to find out about yet more groups try this thread On a final note, please remember I DON'T LIKE BANNER INVITES OR ROTATING GIFS and I certainly won't have anything to do with a group that promotes them!