Yesterday some weirdo with a bunch of porny pics on his photostream faved this photo of mine on flickr. (Don't worry, it's safe to click the image below as I've now brought the pic over here!)

Why? And how did he even come to find it? It was posted back in Feb 2012 and buried on p.47 of my photostream (not that there's any real concept of paging with the new scroll of death).
Of course, I immediately blocked him but what I noticed was that he'd just joined!! If this is the kind of new member the biggr and bettr flickr is going to attract I'm glad I'm getting out of there.
But the danger is that with things disappearing beneath a never ending deluge on the home page and so many people using various work-arounds to get directly to a sane view of their photostream, activity like this could easily be missed. If I hadn't happened to click my homepage when I did the fave note would have been buried beneath an influx of incoming rubbish (well, not all rubbish, some of my contacts new uploads are interesting but I'd just rather they didn't appear so big!)
so, GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN is my warning. But then I'm preaching to the converted because anyone who's reading this already has!