I'm absolutely shattered - been outside and boy it's damn cold out there. I think that maybe Mickey might just be right about it turning colder again. I didn't want to be out there any longer than necessary. That's probably why I feel so tired, usually I sit out on the bench in the many breaks I take while cutting the grass because it hurts my back a lot. Today though - it was just too cold to sit down and rest my back, it would have probably made my back worse with the cold wind. Also the fog is rolling back in and it's damp out there.

This is what the lawn looked like before I started.............

You can see what a mess it was. That damn big leaved plant is just getting everywhere. There are some primroses growing in the grass near the tall bush, a pitisporum so I made sure I steered the mower around them - they will look great later on when they flower......

This is what it looks like now - the trees are bare, but budding and hopefully soon those branches will be bowing [or boughing LOL] heavy with blossom. I'll be taking loads of pics then.

Pippin and Boo were starting to help me do the garden, but when the motor started up, they seemed to change their minds - don't know why.

So now I can sit back tomorrow and relax, knowing that that job is out of the way. The Formula One Grand Prix starts the season off tomorrow with the qualifying races in Melbourne. So that'll keep me occupied.

Hope he's wrong - hope it doesn't mean snow is coming.