I couldn't write a blog as you all know. I tried everyone's suggestions and nothing. I even spent a long time on the phone to Mickey last night and wasted our time we spend sorting the world out, by trying to get my damn computer sorted out. Eventually after I got to the point of sheer frustration, we decided to shut it down, calm down and re-do it another day.

Well today after I'd been shopping, I remembered that I still had to sort out this problem. So I uninstalled lots of things. I'd got Google Chrome and Firefox installed and they don't go together well. Every time I tried to uninstall Google Chrome it would't let me because according to them I still had a programme running. Couldn't find it. So I thought - uninstall Firefox and it's subsiduary add-ons. I did this, although I found some things that I hadn't realised had come with it.

Now I've uninstalled Firefox, just got Google Chrome installed, I can write a blog again. I know you have all suggested I get rid of Google Chrome and just have Firefox - well I can't - it won't let me, so if I can still do what I want to do now, then I'm staying with Google.

It's been a lovely day here today again. I got some good bargains in the store - those tiny daffodils, for 50 pence [70 cents] for 3 plants in a pot. I bought 4 pots and tomorrow I'm going to put them all together in a large pot and next year - a wonderful display will be had.

Hope you all have had a great day or will have a great day. Speak again soon. xx